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Larry Geller is an author, a lifelong vegetarian, a meditator and serious student of spiritual growth, and the creator of holistic hair care.

One of L.A.’s premier celebrity hairstylists in the 60’s and 70's, Larry, along with the famed Jay Sebring, opened the first men’s hair styling salon in America. Their innovative concepts revolutionized the world of health, hair care and beauty, developing awareness in healthy living and personal power.

Their philosophy of advocating daily shampooing, natural/organic products, stimulating methods for hair rejuvenation and maintenance began as a new trend, eventually finding its way into the mainstream.

After having established himself as a pioneering force in holistic hair care, health and beauty, Larry Geller became the personal hairstylist to the legendary Elvis Presley. Larry was responsible for keeping Elvis’ hair healthy and beautiful, despite the health challenges Elvis experienced in his later years. Larry served as his personal hairstylist and as a trusted friend and spiritual mentor for nearly 15 years.

Larry is the author of several books, including If I Can Dream; Leaves of Elvis’ Garden; andHealthy Life, Great Looks, Healthy Hair (selections from this book can be downloaded at www.LarryGellerHairTesting.com).

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    Elvis Presley's Health Declines, But His Dreams Go On

    4 years ago

    Elvis meditating with Larry Geller in Hawaii March, 1977-Elvis' last vacation Part of the human condition is that we constantly feel the need to evaluate our lives, to wonder if the world is a better place for our...

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